Amazon Opens a Full-Size, Cashier-less Grocery Store. Known as Amazon Go Grocery, the flagship store opened on Tuesday in the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill. The 10,500 square foot store utilizes the same technology as the smaller Amazon Go stores around the country.

Customers scan a bar code on their smartphones at a turnstile when entering. They then do their shopping. Once they’re finished, customers exit the store, bypassing the standard checkout process. While smaller than a typical grocery store, Amazon Go Grocery stocks 5,000 items. Products range from fresh meats to produce, meals on the go, alcoholic beverages and household goods.

Amazon is also opening a grocery store without the Go technology in Woodland Hills, CA. The details of this store are unknown. Other chains are also racing into the cashier-less market. 7-Eleven opened its first such store in Irving, TX

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