What Is Going On in the World of Content Community Building? Advantages of Community-Generated Content


The power of “Drive to Survive”

Since the popular hit series “Drive to Survive” launched in March of 2019, Formula 1 quickly became the fastest-growing sport in the US, prompting additional F1 circuits to open in Las Vegas and Miami due to the fanbase’s growing popularity. But how did this series launch such sudden engagement in the sport?

To put it simply: humans are creatures of habit, and content is what fuels us. It is through listening to other people’s stories and understanding their motivations that we can become a thriving community. By taking advantage of community-generated content, businesses can use the proven model Netflix so brilliantly demonstrated with the Formula 1 fanbase and create their own fans.

What Is Community-Generated Content?

Community-generated content is a type of content that is created by members of a brand’s community, rather than by a single creator or organization. This can take many different forms, including user-generated videos, social media posts, and reviews to name a few. Community-generated content has become increasingly popular in recent years, as social media and other online platforms have made it easier for people to share their thoughts and ideas with others.

Advantages of Community-Generated Content

And ultimately when people feel like they have a voice and are part of a community, they are more likely to be invested in the content and to keep contributing their voice.

What Do All the Best Companies in the World Have in Common?

Think about it. Close your eyes and imagine a few of the biggest brands present in our economy. Ask yourself, what is the singular factor that these brands you’ve thought of have in common? The answer is that they all focus on engaging and perpetually building their communities. Building your business’s community is what helps fuel a healthy audience, and healthy audiences fuel further engagement and investment in your brand. So now this leads us to the question: Who is my community?

Unlock Your Community

Unlock your community by determining who it is, and once you have, building a thriving fanbase is the natural next step. As a Business Your Community Is Comprised of:

  • Your customers

  • Your fans

  • Your prospects

  • The employees of your business

  • Additional communities in your locale, such as universities

  • Potential new hires

  • Micro-communities


As a thriving body, you must unlock all the different voices in your community and then finally trust that they’re going to bring their own kind of micro-community to your brand and ultimately do your own marketing for you!

Insights by Tim Maitland

Article written by Gabrielle Bejarano

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