James Madison Wants to Get Rich – The U.S. Constitution

September 1, 2023

On this episode of “Novice to Office,” host Trey Bahm focuses on the “miracle at Cedar Park,” drawing parallels to the “miracle at Philadelphia” – the creation of the U.S. Constitution. Bahm emphasizes James Madison’s pivotal role in American history, particularly in the drafting of the Constitution. Born into Virginia’s elite, Madison was a dedicated political figure, prioritizing intellectual pursuits and political activism over personal life. He recognized the nation’s economic instability post-Revolutionary War and sought to address it by revising the Articles of Confederation. Madison’s vision was to create larger congressional districts to prevent volatile power shifts and ensure economic stability. His efforts culminated in the Constitution, which he believed was primarily an economic development document. The episode also touches on Madison’s personal life, including his late marriage to Dolly Payne, who played a significant role as the First Lady. The podcast concludes by inviting listeners to share their views on Madison’s contribution to American democracy and teases the next episode about George Washington’s two sons and the birth of American political parties.

This podcast covers the critical role James Madison had in the development of the United States! Here are some exciting topics our host, Trey Bahm, covers in this episode!

  • How James Madison, from Virginia’s elite, prioritized politics over his personal life.
  • How Madison addressed post-Revolutionary War economic instability by revising the Articles of Confederation.
  • Madison’s personal life highlighted his late marriage to the influential First Lady Dolly Payne.
  • Stay tuned for the next episode, which will dive into George Washington and the birth of American political parties.

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