Novice to Office Inauguration

September 1, 2023

The “Novice to Office” podcast, hosted by Trey Bahm, offers insights into politics and government. Despite no formal political training, Trey has extensive experience, having worked in roles from the U.S. Senate to local political campaigns. His political passion ignited early, with memories of President Carter’s 1979 energy crisis speech and a pivotal conference call led by George W. Bush. The podcast pledges neutrality, focusing on government mechanics over political ideologies. In the inaugural episode, Trey explores “liberal democracy,” highlighting that the U.S. isn’t purely democratic or republican but a blend. He introduces John Locke, whose writings on natural rights profoundly influenced American political ideals. Trey underscores the importance of citizen participation in preserving this system and invites listeners to join future discussions.

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  The significant shift in security demands has seen modest operation centers evolve into larger, more intricate spaces. This change isn’t just a nod to expansion but underscores the demand and importance of comprehensive security in modern businesses. Then enter AV over IP solutions, which replaces the old-fashioned bulky matrix switchers and provides a decentralized […]

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In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the integration of security systems and cybersecurity architecture is paramount for businesses. Johnson Controls, one of the biggest security system integrators in North America, recognizes the challenges faced by organizations in ensuring the reliability and uptime of their security investments. With the rise of connected devices, cybersecurity threats have […]

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  The world is in a digital era, which means the abundance of data cannot be overstated, but making sense of it remains a challenge. With emergent security threats, mastering data and analytics becomes the standard, not merely for academic prowess but for ensuring public safety. For instance, the function of Homeland Security relies on […]