Promoting Tech Innovation in Security Solutions Can Help Reduce Non-Billed Worker Overtime 


These days finding the right security solutions are a major concern for everyone. From individuals, businesses, and governments alike, the role technology has in revolutionizing the industry cannot be overstated. With the rise of drones and use of AI, it’s about creating a unified, responsive ecosystem that increases accountability and efficiency. This is an ecosystem where different systems, from surveillance to incident management, work in harmony rather than independently. When everything works in conjunction, security service providers gain not just operational feedback but also better financial judgment.

As technology continues to shape the sector, many professionals are proactively integrating these advancements into current operations. Their work emphasizes a future that is more intelligent and efficient. James Grimes is a Senior Solutions Consultant at Trackforce Valiant + TrackTik, a leading company specializing in purpose-based solutions for the security industry. Grimes’ passion for technological innovation allows him to focus on integrating  tools like drones, AI, and advanced surveillance into a system that enhances performance and accountability. Being in a crucial role by designing and delivering security solutions, Grimes also discussed how unique needs like worker overtime can be managed with security.

Grimes’ Thoughts on Security Solutions

Excitement About Robotics and Technology

“For me, personally, I like all of the robotics and technology that’s coming out. The drones, the patrol routes they can do, all of the different innovations that are coming out, we’re actually looking to tie in to all those features, the closed circuit television, the drone cameras doing controls. That’s where I see the future going, and one of the things I’m most excited.”

All-in-One Security Solutions

“We’re a purpose-based solution for the security industry. And pretty much what we’re showcasing today are all the different features that we have from guard touring to incident management, scheduling, payroll, billing all under one umbrella, servicing those customers and giving them all the different systems they need with one hand to shake instead of many disparate systems.”

Eliminating Disparate Systems

“Excellent question. So that’s one of the biggest things that people are trying to do is eliminate those disparate systems, bring it into, you know, one cohesive unit. And we heard and answered the ring. We heard that bell and designed that system to do just that for them. And not having to log in to disparate systems, making it simple, for the guards to operate in the field, but also the managers to design. They’re not stuck in a box. They’re able to design the exact specific features and needs for their unique business.”

Accountability and Tracking

“One of the biggest things I see is accountability, how do we make sure that our guards are where they’re supposed to be, and our customers are getting the services they’re paying for. And that’s what our system will help do with all of our different geofencing and tracking capabilities, reminders proactive alerts that are going out. So that’s one of the biggest things that I’ve been hearing.”

Reducing Non-Billed Overtime

“And then course, everyone in this industry is always looking to reduce that non-billed overtime factor, increasing those profits, and through all of our custom based rules upon schedule and time collection, it makes it very easy for them to do that without taking manual steps. Forecasting their future profits, right down to the direct labor and their overtime impact, it’s having over a week, two weeks, even a month that they wanna look at it that far in the future.”

Protecting Profit Margins

“So as we know, this is a very tight margin business, and it’s hard to be profitable without volume. So it’s very important to protect that margin. The way we do that is reducing that non-billed overtime. And what that is for the folks at home is when we have to pay our employees at overtime, time and a half, but our bill rate remains the same. That will further shrink those margins down. The tools we have in our system automations will eliminate that, and then we’ll greatly reduce it. And it’s one of the things we’re most proud of, to be honest.”

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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