Stenograph Podcast: Stenograph and Project Steno Partnership

May 9, 2023

Stenography: Supporting Education in the Industry Stenograph, a leading provider of court reporting equipment and software, is dedicated to growing the stenographic profession and supporting students throughout their training. In a recent podcast with Nancy Verallo, Executive Director of Project Steno, and Dan Donofsky, Vice President of Marketing at Stenograph, they discussed the importance of education in the stenographic industry and how Stenograph is partnering with Project Steno to support students. The Importance of Education in the Industry Stenograph believes that a strong court reporting industry depends on having trained and qualified students graduate from court reporting schools. A shortage of qualified court reporters could have damaging effects on both the industry as a whole and businesses like Stenograph. Therefore, Stenograph focuses on supporting programs and schools that help students improve their skill set and graduation rates through court reporting school. Supporting Students Through Scholarships To support students throughout their training, Stenograph offers several scholarships like Milton H. Wright Scholarship to deserving court reporting students. They also sponsor various organizations that help students attend and graduate from court reporting schools like NCRA’s A to Z program. The company donated several Luminex II writers to be raffled off in support of NCRF. Partnering with Project Steno for Student Support Project Steno is a 501c3 nonprofit charitable corporation that promotes awareness about stenographic reporting by providing scholarships & tuition assistance programs. They also have a basic training program designed for individuals interested in learning more about steno machines called “basic training.” This free six-week course teaches new keys & words on steno machines every week via Zoom meetings. To further support ProjectSteno’s mission to identify high-potential students who are graduating or completed basic training & enrolled in stonography courses can receive free versions of Case Catalyst student software donated by Stenograph under this partnership. How Stenograph and ProjectSteno Partner Stenograph partnered with Project Steno to assist students in the industry. They have a free software program for high-potential students who are enrolled in stenography courses and graduates or completed basic training. This software is designed to give them the best tools for their studies, reducing expenses, and breaking down barriers to entry for core reporting school. How Students Can Take Advantage of this Opportunity Students can visit the Stenograph website at or email to learn more about their offer of free student catalyst software. Students must take basic training classes or programs before availing themselves of this offer. For more information on ProjectSteno, one can visit their website or email Nancy at Conclusion Education is crucial in growing the stenographic profession as we need trained and qualified court reporters to keep up with industry demands. Therefore, it’s great to see companies like Stenograph partnering with organizations like ProjectSteno & supporting students throughout their education journey within this profession. It’s an inspiring initiative that will benefit not only these students but also our industry as a whole by ensuring its future growth & sustainability.

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