ZEBOX’s Liz Ward Sees a Supply Chain Future Powered by Innovation and Entrepreneurship

January 30, 2024
Mike Bush


Navigating the future of the supply chain isn’t tricky to see if one sets their navigational positions on innovation and entrepreneurship to lead the way.

On Hammer Down, host Mike Bush had the privilege of going inside the dynamic supply chain management and innovation world with Liz Ward, the Head of America Operations at ZEBOX. This interview sheds light on Ward’s impressive career trajectory and offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of supply chain technology and entrepreneurship.

With her extensive background, ranging from Booz Allen Hamilton to founding her own LTL company and her roles at Convoy and Transfix, Ward brings a wealth of experience. In this episode, she discusses her journey through various facets of the supply chain industry, highlighting her passion for problem-solving and innovation. Her current role at ZEBOX involves connecting large supply chain companies with cutting-edge technology startups, fostering growth, and solving industry-wide challenges.

The conversation with Ward is particularly enlightening as she shares her perspectives on the future of supply chain technology, emphasizing the potential of AI in customer service. She also touches upon the challenges and opportunities in global supply chain innovation, drawing from her experiences in different regions and her work at ZEBOX. Liz’s approach to nurturing startups and her criteria for investment and partnership offers valuable lessons for entrepreneurs in the field.

For those aspiring to enter the supply chain industry, Ward’s advice is clear: embrace the complexity and vastness of the field, set personal boundaries, and seek mentorship. Her journey exemplifies the diverse opportunities within the supply chain sector and the importance of continuous learning and adaptation.

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