What Matters Most in Mentorship?

Bill Cawley, Chairman and CEO, Cawley Partners is passionate about mentorship and joined hosts David Shields, Partner, Shields Legal Group and Matthew Shields, Principal, Shield Capital Group for an insightful and genuine discussion of how these relationships bring benefits and value to both the mentor and the mentee.

The core of mentorship is a mix of personal and professional relationships. Cawley’s experience in business, drug and alcohol issues, and faith-based mentoring gives him valuable insight into how these relationships work.

It begins with mutual respect and a genuine connection where the mentee sees value in the relationship and isn’t just looking for benefits.

“Sometimes, you have to tell someone things they don’t want to hear, but that they need to hear – having enough credibility in the relationship so that they’ll listen,” Cawley said.

Productive mentoring is based on trust and depends on both people being open and authentic.

“I think the more genuine and open a person is about the struggles they’ve had in their personal life, the more opportunity, in my opinion, God brings to us to mentor people or to be a change agent for someone who’s struggling,” Cawley said.

In business mentoring, it’s important that mentees are looking to grow and can see the value in learning from a more experienced person in the industry.

These relationships can be formalized or evolve naturally within a business where younger people can benefit from the wisdom of those who are farther along in their careers.

Cawley’s empathy, insight and passion for mentoring and fostering business relationships is a valuable resource for both mentors and mentees looking to transfer knowledge and wisdom.

These relationships are integral to the strength of any industry where mentorship leads to more highly qualified people.

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