Gates Concrete Forming – Concrete Column Pressure

June 15, 2023
irfan ullah


Concrete pressure is what makes or breaks your forms.
But what exactly does concrete pressure mean?
And more importantly, what difference would it make for your forms?

Concrete height and weight of the fresh concrete is the main component for determining pressure.

One, each vertical footage of concrete should measure to 150 pounds per square foot of pressure on form.

Two, as concrete is layered, think about the safe zone for concrete, which is six vertical feet of concrete and 900 pounds per square foot of pressure on the form.

Three, make sure your concrete is sound. Lower levels of concrete must be self-supported before starting a new lift.

Past 900 pounds is when your form goes into the red zone. If using a standard tie spacing, 1,500 pounds at 10 vertical feet of concrete is critically unsafe.

Following these steps will ensure proper concrete forming for your next project.

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