Coupa for Supply Chain Design and Planning

June 17, 2024

Are outdated supply chain designs hindering your business agility? Discover how Coupa transforms supply chain management with continuous adaptation and real-time decision-making. This video highlights the challenges of traditional supply chain methods and introduces Coupa’s innovative approach. By simulating multiple scenarios using an end-to-end data model and AI-powered algorithms, Coupa enables effective collaboration and comprehensive insights. See how Coupa’s all-in-one platform connects supply chains with finance, procurement, and sourcing to foster resilience and continuous improvement. Watch now to master your supply chain complexity!

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Struggling with payment errors, fraud, and inefficiencies? This video reveals how Coupa’s single platform can transform your payment processes by integrating spend, payments, and liquidity management. Learn how Coupa reduces errors, streamlines supplier payments, and improves cash management and forecasting. Key features include virtual card payments for long-tail suppliers, early payment discounts, and a unified…

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Are you facing poor visibility and lack of control in your spend management? This video introduces Coupa’s comprehensive platform, centralizing all direct and indirect spend activities into a single user interface. Learn how Coupa streamlines procurement, invoicing, expenses, and payments, offering effortless matching of purchase orders to invoices, instant reconciliation, and automatic payments. Discover the…

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Gain full visibility and control over your travel and expense (T&E) spend with Coupa’s intuitive platform. This video highlights how Coupa simplifies managing T&E expenditures, ensuring effective and efficient oversight. Discover how Coupa’s user-friendly interface enhances your ability to monitor and manage travel costs seamlessly. Watch now to see how Coupa transforms T&E spend management!