One of the primary tasks of teachers is effective communication. Whether they’re in a bustling kindergarten class leading an activity or giving a lecture to a room packed with high school students, teachers need to be heard. Yet teachers face voice issues as an occupational hazard, harming their own health and impairing students’ learning.

Mark Jones, VP of US Sales at FrontRow, referred to this as an “invisible barrier” while chatting with MarketScale host Tyler Kern during the annual TCEA Conference in Austin. Highlighting that many classrooms have ambient noise, including fans, devices, sounds from the hallway, or the chatter and motion of students, Jones points out that teachers’ voices have competition in class.

This invisible hindrance causes teachers to project in order to communicate. However, on top of being damaging to the vocal system, using a “big teacher voice” reduces the intelligibility of speech. Increasing the natural volume of a voice causes vowels to become more apparent while consonants are reduced, making words harder to understand. Technology can amplify teachers’ voices much more clearly and safely.

To offer students equal access to learning while equipping teachers to manage successful, safe classrooms FrontRow offers a variety of technology for schools, including classroom audio packages. These packages integrate microphones and speakers with other classroom devices to ensure the quality of sound in the room amplifies learning.

Since teachers today use dynamic methods in the classroom, audio packages take into account that teachers need to move freely while using a microphone and must be able to operate technology easily. FrontRow technology features voice command, blue tooth, touch screens, and other user-friendly tools.

Beyond amplifying teachers’ voices, FrontRow offers technology to make classrooms successful and safe through paging systems, emergency alerts, bell scheduling, and intercom. The technology is managed easily as it integrates into schools’ networks and can be implemented in specific classrooms, school wide, or throughout entire districts.

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