Crunching Numbers: Funding the Texas House Bill 3 Mandate Amidst School Budget Strain

September 13, 2023
Mike Matranga

As school safety remains a top concern, a critical discussion unfolds on the SecurED podcast. The episode features hosts Mike Matranga and Mike Monsive, along with guest Andrew Callis Jr., diving deep into the controversial topic of arming teachers in schools. With significant financial implications and profound ethical questions, this conversation couldn’t be more relevant in today’s world.

Can Arming Teachers Truly Ensure School Safety?

Join us as we grapple with the pressing question: should teachers carry guns? Andrew Callis Jr. provides a unique perspective on why this solution might not be as effective as we think. Instead, he advocates for proactive measures and early intervention in addressing school safety.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The Financial Burden: Explore the staggering financial costs associated with arming teachers and whether schools can realistically afford it.
  • Ethical Dilemmas: Delve into the ethical challenges teachers might face when entrusted with the responsibility of using lethal force.
  • The Role of Early Intervention: Discuss the importance of early intervention strategies in preventing school violence and addressing students’ needs.

Meet Andrew Callis Jr.:

Andrew Callis Jr. brings a wealth of experience in school safety to this episode. His dedication to finding effective solutions and his passion for ensuring the safety of our children make this conversation a must-listen.

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