Dedicated ACE Team Prioritizes Student Success through Enrollment

September 27, 2023

ACE’s Enrollment Team emphasize the importance of enrollment as the initial step in addressing students’ questions and concerns. Drawing from their own experiences, they highlight the significance of understanding each student’s unique needs and goals, whether they aspire to be educators or pursue administrative roles. With a commitment to fostering positive change, the team at ACE is dedicated to supporting students on their journey to success in their chosen careers and professional fields.

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The 2hr Learning Model
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In an era where traditional schooling often fails to ignite students’ passions, the innovative 2hr Learning Model proposed by Alpha represents a significant shift in educational paradigms. This approach is not just timely but essential, as the quest for efficient and engaging education systems becomes more urgent in the face of global educational disparities….

Employment within the Navajo Nation
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The urgency of linking education with employment within the Navajo Nation is critical, given the levels of underemployment in the community. This has sparked discussions on how to effectively bridge these gaps to foster community development and individual growth. With communities still reeling from the impact of COVID-19, targeted educational initiatives that align with…

resilience and empowerment
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As society increasingly recognizes the importance of accessible education, the story of Kellie Blair Hardt, a GED Testing Service Board Member, and GED Math Tutor, stands out as a testament to the transformative power of education and a true journey of resilience and empowerment. The GED has long been a crucial stepping stone for…