Embracing Preparedness: Safeguarding Our Schools from Tragedy

August 10, 2023
Mike Matranga


In a clip from a recent episode of SecurED, host Mike Matranga engages in a compelling conversation with Flo Rice, a survivor of the Santa Fe shooting and a former teacher. The dialogue revolves around a single, haunting question: What is the first step schools should take in safeguarding our schools for their students, staff, and parents?

Key Discussion Points:

  • Recognizing the Threat: Flo Rice drives home the fundamental need for schools to acknowledge the possibility of security breaches within their own premises. She emphasizes that the misconception of “it can’t happen here” poses a significant hurdle in effective safety measures.
  • Urgency of Action: Drawing a powerful analogy, Rice underscores the necessity of treating potential threats with utmost seriousness. She compares school security to home security, urging school districts to adopt the same proactive mindset they do to protect their homes and loved ones.
  • Overcoming Mental Barriers: Rice delves into the psychological struggle schools face when contemplating such horrific scenarios. She discusses the challenge of comprehending the incomprehensible, yet emphasizes that facing the possibility head-on is paramount.

Guest Bio:

Flo Rice brings a unique perspective to the discussion, having experienced the Santa Fe shooting firsthand. As a former teacher and survivor, her insights are invaluable in highlighting the urgency of preparing for potential security threats in schools. Her commitment to safeguarding our schools and promoting actionable change has made her a respected advocate for school safety.

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