Examining City Budgets and the Ripple Effect of Officer Shortages

June 20, 2023

Join Mike Matranga and Mike Monsive in this insightful segment from an upcoming episode of SecurED, as they engage in a discussion about the financial constraints that law enforcement agencies face, the impact of defunding calls, and the pressing need for support. They delve into the challenges of recruitment, respect, and resources while Mike Monsive, Founder and CEO of ASAP Security, provides valuable insights on the future of school security and the long term effect of officer shortages.


Law enforcement agencies struggle with financial constraints worsened by defunding calls, limiting resources and recruitment. In this SecurED segment, Mike Matranga and Mike Monsive discuss these challenges, while Mike Monsive, CEO of ASAP Security, offers insights on school security and law enforcement’s role.

Budgets primarily cover personnel costs, leaving little for technology, infrastructure, and equipment. Defunding calls worsen the situation, reducing resources during increased officer demand. This leads to fewer officers on the streets and hampers recruitment and compensation for new hires.

The narrative rush to judgment disregards evidence, impacting recruitment and retention. Negative portrayals and lack of support result in threats and loss of public respect. Acknowledging these challenges and engaging in dialogue is crucial to support law enforcement agencies effectively.

Now, we welcome Mike Monsive, Founder and CEO of ASAP Security. He provides valuable insights into the future of school security and law enforcement’s crucial role.

Law enforcement agencies face financial constraints and defunding calls, impacting recruitment, respect, and resources. Meaningful conversations and support are essential. Mike Monsive, CEO of ASAP Security, shares insights on school security and law enforcement’s role.

Together, we can enhance law enforcement effectiveness and create a safer society for all.

Stay Tuned For The Full Length Episode.

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