On this episode of MarketScale’s EdTech podcast, host JW Marshall was joined by Crux Solutions President Gale Moericke at TCEA 2020.

Crux Solutions focuses on providing clients with seamless technology systems designed to improve every aspect of their work and collaboration.

In the education industry, this translates to provider and equipment-agnostic design services for the technology that helps drive school buildings and consultancy for school districts that helps them find an ideal solution for their unique needs.

Marshall and Moericke also touched on the common shortcomings that often pop up when districts are planning large-scale installations, particularly in the realm of safety and security.

“What we’ve seen is way too much of, ‘Oh, we’re going to go buy this technology because the guys down the road bought it, and it seems like a good idea.’ Most people have picked something – ‘Video cameras, I guess we should have video cameras,’” Moericke said. “Well, of course you should … (but) how does that fit into a larger plan?”

This big-picture approach helps Crux find total solutions that fit the desired scope, budget and functionality of specific districts and schools.

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