How Humor & Education Go Together

Today, more than ever, it is essential to have some fun and humor at school. Regardless if you’re a student, a teacher, or an administrator, we all need a good laugh as we face many changes in education. At Summit K12, we are having fun creating the most personalized curriculum for the Texas Science Adoption in 2024.

After we jump into our fun video series, please see some tips below regarding how laughter and having fun in education is critical to the learning process.

Our New GP vs. Summit K12 Video Series

Welcome to our first video in our series, GP vs. Summit K12. These videos will bring you some laughs, fun, and you’ll see how Summit K12 leads the way for the new Texas Science Adoption program in 2024.

In each episode, you’ll learn how Summit K12 stands out from other programs and meets all of the Texas state requirements – and last but not least, you will see how we created the most authentic, personalized, and engaging Science curriculum built by Texas educators specifically for Texas teachers.

Join us on this new and exciting journey into Science!

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After you watch the video, please see why we believe laughter in education is critical. And, see how you can win a STANLEY CUP by signing up for our new Science newsletter below.

Laughing and Having Fun in Education is Essential for Several Reasons…

Student and Teacher Engagement

When students and teachers enjoy school, they are more likely to be engaged in the teaching and learning process. School must be motivating not only for students – but for teachers too. Fun and laughter in the classroom make learning memorable, leading to better information retention.

Creativity and Innovation

Having a good time at school often goes hand in hand with creativity, innovation, and a growth mindset. Students who enjoy school are more likely to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and have an open mind.

Positive Learning Environment

A classroom encouraging laughter will provide a more memorable and positive learning environment. The tone and energy of a class are critical for student and teacher success – it can make or break any classroom. Laughter creates connection – fostering essential relationships between students, staff, and peers.

Improves Motivation

Enjoyable learning experiences can boost students’ motivation to learn and a teacher’s motivation to teach well. Laughter makes the classroom a more enjoyable place – thus, it can greatly improve self-motivation too.

Social Development

Fun activities often involve interaction and collaboration with peers. Social activities can help students develop critical social skills like teamwork, communication, and empathy.

Improve Stress

Education can be demanding – and everyone who works and lives in the education ecosystem can sometimes feel overwhelmed. Lighting classrooms up with jokes, laughter, and a sense of calm can provide a natural way to relieve stress and promote mental well-being for everyone.

Create Positive Life Skills

No matter where you are in education, learning how to have fun and find humor in different environments is a valuable life skill that students can take with them for their lives.

Incorporating laughter and fun into education doesn’t mean sacrificing academic rigor or content. 

However, bringing laughter into the education ecosystem can create a balanced and enjoyable environment. Also, it can enhance students’ and teachers’ overall well-being during their educational journey – and into real life after the classroom.

Here’s the Transcript of the Video!

Summit K12: I’m Summit K12.

GP: And I’m a GP.

Summit K12: I’m sorry? a GP?

GP: A generic publisher.

Summit K12: Oh, okay. So what are you doing here in Texas?

GP: Money is near. It’s an adoption year.

Summit K12: Yes. Remind me, which subject do you specialize in again?

GP: None of them? All of them. Which state adoption is this again?

Summit K12: Texas.

GP: Oh, yes. Texas

Summit K12: Science adoption?

GP: Oh, yeah. We do science all over the country.

Summit K12: But your Texas materials are built specifically for the TEKS, right?

GP: Yes. The TEKS are 100% covered…. in there somewhere.

Summit K12: So they weren’t built from scratch specifically for the TEKS?

GP: More generally aligned, but we have some great crosswalk documents.

Summit K12: And how about local phenomena?

GP: If you mean whatever’s in our NGSS program?

Summit K12: Not really.

GP: But do you have warehouses full of expensive textbook additions?

Summit K12: No GP. We just have a dynamic science curriculum built from the ground up by Texas educators for Texas educators – over the past two years. It’s built a hundred percent for the new TEKS, SEPs, RTCs, and even the ELPs.

GP: Oh, no. That can’t be right. It’s not near as easy or profitable to build something for just one state.

Summit K12: Well, that’s why Summit K12 is the number one choice for Texas.

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