Opportunity to Join Istation’s Marketing Team as a Marketing and Events Coordinator

February 15, 2023
Sonia Gossai


Istation is looking for a Marketing and Events Coordinator. Join Istation’s Marketing Team and unlock your potential in the dynamic world of digital marketing. As a member, you’ll collaborate with a talented group of professionals to develop innovative strategies, create compelling campaigns, and engage with diverse audiences.

Take advantage of cutting-edge tools, leverage data-driven insights, and drive brand awareness to new heights. With limitless opportunities for growth and a supportive environment, this is your chance to make a significant impact and shape the future of Istations’ marketing efforts. Join us as Marketing and Events Coordinator and be part of a team that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and continuous learning.

Here’s Lizza Bowen, Director of Marketing for Istation, telling you all about this exciting opportunity in this podcast video.

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