Sounds Like Success: Critical Mass Communication Tools for K-12 Education

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Mass communication in K-12 educational spaces isn’t new. It’s been a part of the environment for decades, but new technology tools make it simpler and more effective. Looking at the needs and solutions for education, Sounds Like Success presented this conversation, part of a miniseries on industry-specific applications for mass communication. The discussion included Brad Jungemann, Territory Manager Southeast, Singlewire Software and Manny Kitagawa, Business Development Manager Education, AtlasIED.

First, Kitagawa explained the relationship between the two companies. “We’ve been partners for over two decades. We have the ability to deliver a communication device and build an ecosystem. It’s a complete solution to send notifications in all spaces.”

Most schools are going back to the classroom, which creates new needs. “The communication requirements for day-to-day or public addresses are one thing, but there’s still a big need for critical alerts that cover all spaces,” Kitagawa said.

The classroom isn’t the only area where communications are necessary. Bathrooms, lunchrooms, common areas and outside areas are all spaces where students and faculty spend time. There’s also the need to reach administrators or faculty members off-site.

More than just the audio aspect of notifications, there is also the need for visual information to reinforce communication and ensure ADA compliance. “It’s important to communicate effectively outside of the classroom with visual notifications. Additionally, some institutions want to deploy silent messaging through visual signaling, color-coding and text messaging,” Kitagawa added.

With the right solution, they can have this functionality and much more, Jungemann said. “When superintendents realize they can send the same messages from one system, it’s amazing to them.”

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