Strategies for Students and Educators to Confront Bullying

September 15, 2023
Mike Matranga


In a thought-provoking episode of SecurED, hosted by Mike Matranga, CEO of M6 Global Defense, and featuring guest Joe Morris, owner of Condition 1 Combat Center, the conversation takes an important turn to how to confront bullying. While discussing school safety, the focus shifts from students to teachers and the critical need for emotional intelligence and specialized training for educators.

Equipping Teachers with Emotional Intelligence

The discussion highlights the significance of emotional intelligence not only for students but also for teachers and parents. Joe Morris emphasizes the importance of recognizing and managing emotions in various scenarios, including dealing with students, parents, and even potential threats. Emotional intelligence can play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment.

Training for Teachers: A Holistic Approach

Condition 1 Combat Center has previously offered free training programs for teachers, emphasizing the importance of situational awareness and self-defense. The conversation explores how early identification of potential issues and providing teachers with tools for situational awareness can enhance their safety and effectiveness in the classroom.

Why Teachers Shouldn’t Carry Guns

One of the most contentious topics in school safety discussions is whether teachers should carry firearms. Joe Morris expresses his reservations about this approach, highlighting the need for extensive training when handling deadly weapons. The potential risks of untrained individuals attempting to use firearms in high-stress situations are discussed in detail.

Securing Weapons in Schools

The conversation delves into the challenges of securing firearms within school premises. Questions are raised about the practicality of keeping weapons on teachers’ hips and the potential risks associated with students gaining access to these firearms.


This episode of SecurED underscores the importance of emotional intelligence and specialized training for teachers in maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. It encourages a holistic approach to school safety, focusing on early intervention and situational awareness while addressing the complexities surrounding the idea of arming educators.

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