Does Barbie Push a “Woke” Agenda? Exploring Current Cinematic Themes and the Stock Market

July 26, 2023
Joshua Wilson


As we reflect on the Barbie Universe with Mattel’s recently released movie, it’s an era where the lines between children’s movies and adult humor blur, giving rise to discussions on whether contemporary cinema is pushing boundaries too far or simply evolving with the times. Recent research from the Motion Picture Association suggests that modern films are taking more liberties with content that once might have been deemed ‘mature’ for general audiences. In this backdrop, the question arises: are movies staying true to their target demographic?

In the latest episode of Untamed Ethos, hosted by Dr. Joshua Wilson, founder of United Ethos Wealth Partners, we dive deep into these turbulent waters of cinematic shifts, especially with the Barbie Universe. The episode then takes a turn to discuss the current stock market standings and trends and what they may mean.  Dr. Russell Rhoads, Clinical Associate Professor at Indiana University School of Business, joins Dr. Wilson for the conversation.

Main points of discussion include:

  • Whether the new Barbie film pushes a “woke” agenda by weaving in feminism and patriarchy while teaching girls how to use their sexuality to manipulate men
  • Earnings week and how NASDAQ and tech are no longer leading the way in the stock market
  • What the VIX rising at the same time as the S&P500 (SPX) means

Dr. Rhoads brings with him an impressive background in business and media analysis. His keen observations and sharp insights into the current cinematic trends, juxtaposed against the backdrop of societal shifts, makes this discussion deeply riveting.

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