The first data are in regarding learning loss during the pandemic and the results don’t look good. In this episode of Remote Possibilities, Kevin Hogan talks with Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000, and one of the authors of a new study by the Successful Practices Network and the Center for College & Career Readiness, the first published report of the current and predicted impact of school closures using actual performance measures. Stuart breaks down the grim particulars including:

76% of schools showed decreased usage after schools closed
Schools differed widely in how quickly and how well they made the transition to online learning. Overall, however, the number of students logging in has declined by 43% and the number of students completing at least one lesson has declined by 44%.

Students are on track to lose up to 49% of gains over the summer
Based on early data, it appears that school closures as a result of the coronavirus crisis will lead to a significant loss of potential learning gains, as 28%, for many students come June 2020.

Worst case prediction for a widening of the achievement gap is 18%
The achievement gap has already begun to grow in the six weeks since schools moved to online learning. The achievement gap between low- and high-income students is expected to increase by as much as 18% for students from low-income schools by the end of this school year.

It’s not all bad news however. Stuart suggests some best practices industry can take to improving this ever-changing crisis.