In the report released today, National Research Study: K-12 Education and the Coronavirus Pandemic, IESD presents quantitative data and analysis based on a large-scale, national survey conducted during April and May 2020 aimed at better understanding district and school leaders’ experience with the coronavirus pandemic. The purpose of this research is to inform providers of education products and services on how the pandemic is impacting the K-12 market, and on district and school plans for the 2020- 2021 school year.

Some highlights:

Pandemic Impact on Remaining 2019-2020 Budget

When asked how they were spending the remainder of their 2019-2020 budget due to the coronavirus pandemic:

• Almost half of the respondents reported that they are spending the remainder, but shifting spending to changing priorities.

• Nearly one-fourth are spending the remainder according to their original budget plan

How the Pandemic Will Impact School/District Budgets for the 2020- 2021 School Year

Among the respondents who had knowledge of their school’s or district’s budget for 2020-2021:

• The most frequent response for each budget item was will spend about the same—ranging from 43.4% to 68.1%, depending on the budget item.

• The budget items for which respondents most often reported they will spend more were technology-related.

• The budget items for which respondents most often reported they will spend less were print-based.

Timeframe for Considering Purchases for 2020-2021

• Almost six in ten of the respondents reported that they have already begun the purchase decision process or will do so in May or June.

• The rest of the respondents indicated that they would being ready to consider purchasing in July, August, or September or later.