Bridge, the learning and performance management platform from Instructure, today published an industry report from Josh Bersin about the critical role learning and performance management plays in the employee experience. Companies who offer consistent learning experiences and performance feedback yield more engaged employees, the paper shows.

“Today’s $240 billion corporate training and education market continues to grow and we see that providing learning opportunities and meaningful performance management creates a more engaged workforce,” said Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy. “Great performance is based on great management. When people know what’s important and get actionable feedback on their work, their engagement will skyrocket.

The paper, available here, provides real-world examples of how leading organizations are retaining and retraining their employees to meet current workforce needs. In the paper, Bersin presents real-world information from fast-growing companies focusing on growth, development, and a data-driven approach to career development, employee engagement, and organizational growth.

“Innovative companies need tools that manage continuous development; they need platforms that are so useful managers and employees use them every day,” continued Bersin. “Bridge represents one of the first implementations of a true next-generation talent management system. It is employee focused, integrated, and designed for the organizations of today.”

From banks to global athletic wear retailers, the paper presents case studies that demonstrate how different organizations benefit from HR technology that is focused on people. It explores how HR technology can serve a key role in operationalizing performance and development around desired skills and behaviors.

“Leading companies focus on creating an engaging culture that unlocks the potential of each employee,” said John Knotwell, General Manager for Bridge. “Our team is honored to work with many organizations to provide opportunities that facilitate connection, alignment, and growth for their people and teams.”

Josh Bersin’s whitepaper is available at along with further case studies and resources that help employees and managers transform their organization through connection, alignment, and growth.