The 5 Technologies Changing Oil & Gas in 2019


The oil and gas industry is among the most technology-laden sectors of the business world. The drilling, refining, and distribution processes are all extremely detail-oriented, and any missteps can cause significant financial losses.

At the Offshore Technology Conference 2019 this week in Houston, the event’s organizers recognized the most innovative products with Spotlight Awards. Several of these new products stand to make offshore jobs safer and could save companies millions in the process.


The company’s BlueVault energy storage solution ensures continuity of power to offshore infrastructure while helping to reduce emissions in the process.

Baker Hughes

The GE subsidiary showed of NovaLT16 at OTC 2019. The two-shaft gas turbine is designed to operate for 35,000 hours between maintenance checks, the equivalent of four years of consecutive run time for the gas module.


There are few things as fundamental to rig operations than the lifting, strapping and tying down of items. GreenPin tycan fiber rope is a lightweight but extremely durable solution to these processes.

Stress Engineering Services

Rigs must be constantly examined and inspected to ensure safety. Any hold up in drilling operations due to a mechanical issue not only puts workers closer to a hazardous situation and also costs money. Stress Engineering’s predictive maintenance technology allows for inspections to take place thoroughly without halting drilling operations.


Subsea infrastructure poses serious cost and production challenges. TechnipFMC’s ‘Subsea 2.0’ aims to reduce the seafloor technology footprint by half, allowing for a simpler and more manageable system below the rig.

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