These 5 Trends are Pushing the Electrification of America’s Vehicles

Sales of electric vehicles jumped 21% in the U.S. alone last year. More major automakers are announcing new electrification models every day, driving demand for the necessary infrastructure for a growing number of electric vehicles on the road. With analysts at Bloomberg expecting price parity between electric and gas vehicles by 2022, here are 5 trends to follow in the electrification of America’s cars.

  1. Even more EV models. The auto industry is anticipating more than 127 battery-electric cars to be announced globally in the next five years, meaning more sales growth and more competition.
  1. Utility programs that support EV adoption are growing. In anticipation of growing demand on the electric grid, utilities are adjusting their planning horizons to make fast-charging better and optimize their grids to avoid strain.
  1. Dealerships and auto services are changing. EVs need fewer parts and less maintenance, meaning dealerships and auto repair shops are adjusting their business models.
  1. Bans are coming for internal combustion vehicles. Already Norway, India, China, France, and the U.K. have set bans on gas-burning vehicles in the next few decades, with the soonest arriving in 2025.
  1. Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate” scandal. The settlement following the ordeal has Volkswagen investing at least $2 billion in American zero-emission vehicles over the next ten years, offering a major windfall for electric manufacturers at every level of industry.

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