Bridging Innovations: Technetics, CEA, and Beyond

October 10, 2023
Ian Loudon

In 1969, a significant collaboration between Technetics and the CEA took root, leading to the creation of the Helicoflex® seal. Originally tailored for the EURODIF Uranium enrichment plant, this seal’s versatility and effectiveness underpin its adoption across various critical sectors. Central to their ongoing collaborative efforts is the Maestral laboratory in Pierrelatte, Drôme. This joint R&D space, staffed by 18 dedicated engineers and technicians from both organizations, stands as a testament to their combined commitment to pioneering innovation through deep collaboration, amalgamating theory, simulation, and hands-on testing.

The spirit of collaboration further extends to Technetics’ recent partnership with ORANO NPS, where the shared goal is to devise advanced sealing solutions for the new generation of nuclear fuel cask containers. Throughout, there’s a recurrent theme: the power and potential of collaboration. Collaborative endeavors are the bedrock of accelerated and effective innovation. In essence, Technetics’ history and future are both intricately intertwined with partnerships.

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