Florida Power Management: Residential and Commercial Solar Installations

January 1, 2023

Jared from Florida Power Management introduces their local solar installation company based in Winter Garden, Florida. With their expertise in both residential and commercial projects, they cover installations and services throughout the state. Jared focuses on providing an in-depth review of the Sol-Ark inverter, showcasing one installed in their training room.

Having completed over fifty Sol-Ark installations in the past year and a half, Florida Power Management is a prolific solar installer, averaging over a thousand homes annually. While not every installation includes batteries, there has been a growing demand for battery systems, especially in Florida. Jared emphasizes that Sol-Ark outshines its competitors in the battery stack market, citing comparisons that demonstrate its superior capabilities.

He highlights the importance of true whole home backup, a feature that Sol-Ark excels at. Jared mentions that other battery options found online may only power essential items like lights, outlets, and refrigerators, leaving homeowners ill-prepared during extended power outages. In contrast, Sol-Ark offers genuine off-grid potential, which resonates with Florida residents who face the threat of hurricanes, severe weather, and prolonged outages. Being able to stay in their homes during such circumstances without the need to seek alternative accommodations and worry about food spoilage is highly valued by homeowners.

Jared expresses particular enthusiasm for the 15k Sol-Ark inverter, as it fills a previously missing niche in their offerings. With the previous twelve-kilowatt option sometimes falling short for certain customers, they had to purchase an additional unit, incurring extra costs. The 15k model bridges this gap, providing ample power to go beyond the essentials. It can even support air conditioning units and offers the capacity to stack batteries, ensuring homeowners have sufficient energy throughout the night.

A key feature that Florida Power Management appreciates is the hybrid functionality of the Sol-Ark inverter. During the day, it efficiently utilizes solar panel energy and minimizes reliance on batteries. This design optimizes energy consumption, making the most of available resources. Additionally, Jared mentions that the Sol-Ark inverter is compatible with two hundred amp panels, further enhancing its versatility and compatibility with various electrical systems.

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