Keep Kuul: Powerful Cooling Solutions to Keep Your Employees Comfortable


As the weather across the country shifts to the warmer seasons, Todd Waldhauser, Director of Sales at Portacool, stopped by to talk to host Tyler Kern about keeping employees cool and comfortable when that thermometer begins to rise.

And, as Waldhauser reminded Kern, temperature control is a year-round concern. Even if it’s cool outside, the condition inside a work facility could be hot, so it is essential to provide employees with a comfortable climate every day.

“Everybody thinks about cooling and [says], ‘What am I going to do when the temperature starts rising and you start hitting 85, 90, 100 degrees?’,” Waldhauser said. “But you should be thinking about how to mitigate heat stress and heat in your facilities year-round.”

Waldhauser mentioned that tremendous heat builds up in industrial settings, such as those found in manufacturing with lots of equipment inside a building. “I think a lot of customers don’t realize that heat is with us 12 months out of the year,” Waldhauser said. “It’s in different shapes, it’s in different forms, but it’s always out there.” Portacool’s goal is to work with their customers on cooling strategies to get ahead of the heat.

Comfort is king, and it is a crucial part of keeping employees satisfied inside a facility. Companies can ill afford to let heat stand in the way of that comfort.

“You know, comfortable employees are going to be better employees,” Waldhauser said. “They’re going to come to work on time. They are going to be more focused on their job. They’re going to have fewer accidents. They are going to have better performance, and they’re going to have better quality in a manufacturing type of facility. We live in a world where we have many things that have to get done with not as many people. So, how do we make sure that these employees are comfortable, safe and performing at their highest levels? When you’re hot and you’re stressed, your body is not performing there.”

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