One of the most critical challenges faced by the government in China is the danger of air pollution.
A 2016 study stated that air pollution caused approximately 366,000 premature deaths in China in 2013.
The Chinese government is addressing this problem by investing aggressively in renewable energy sources, specifically, a floating solar farm in the province of Anhui.
China will invest no less than $360 billion dollars in clean power by 2020, creating an estimated 13 million jobs through their efforts.
The latest solar project developed by Sungrow Power Supply, was constructed on top of an abandoned coal mine, and is the largest facility of its kind. It can provide power for approximately 15,000 homes and is projected to be in operation through the next 25 years.
Its claim as the largest floating solar farm won’t last for long, however, as China Three Gorges Corporation is developing a farm capable of powering 94,000 homes by May of this year.