The sun has been beating against the Earth for billions of years, and this constant heat and energy has created a giant reservoir of around 50 degree Fahrenheit heat just below the Earth’s surface. Humanity isn’t a stranger to this energy; it’s been used as stable temperature in basements and wine cellars for centuries. However, in the past 50 years, geothermal heat pump technology has leveraged this energy as a source for heating and cooling buildings. Though this technology offers an efficient, low-waste way to heat and cool homes, it hasn’t taken off yet. Dandelion Energy focuses on this exact challenge every day.

On today’s podcast, our host spoke with the Principal Engineer for Dandelion Energy, Ryan Carda. They talked about a few of the misunderstandings regarding geothermal energy, the fact that the earth’s ambient ground heat is a marvelous source of usable energy for heating and cooling buildings, and the genuine need for education to prepare the next generation of engineers to utilize it.

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