Most industries benefit from consistency, whether that takes its form on the demand or the supply side. What feels more consistent, reliable and available than…well, the Sun? On today’s podcast, our host sat down with the CEO and Co-Founder of Yotta Solar, Omeed Badkoobeh. Currently, our energy consumption lives off electrical grids. “The grid is the world’s largest machine. It was created over a hundred years ago and it’s always been created to flow energy in one direction, from a centralized power plant outwards to all the homes and business and suburbs,” Badkoobeh said. His company is actively working toward the perfect solution for adapting the Sun’s viable energy source into something that can make its way to those same businesses and homes. The answer may lie in how the energy is stored.

“What solar generation does is it completely changes that map. So, now, you have power coming in from many different sources, from many different rooftops. Really storage, the ability to store the solar energy, completes that picture,” Badkoobeh said. On our Energy Podcast, Badkoobeh discussed the challenges the industry faces once the energy of the Sun has been captured, the remarkable change in pricing, and how several utilities are responding to advances in solar technology with an eye to the future.

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