Omeed Badkoobeh, co-founder and CEO of Yotta Energy, began his career in the solar energy with a spark of curiosity. He saw a luxury real estate property that was completely off the grid and powered by solar, a concept pretty novel at the time in the early 2000s.

“I started thinking how mankind has always revolved around using the sun for advancing society and here we are with technology that can power our homes and businesses,” Badkoobeh said.

While the solar’s growth has been well-documented by analysts in this industry, Badkoobeh finds it fascinating that solar evolved from very counterculture roots.

“The interesting thing is the solar industry, which began 50 years ago for powering satellites and remote power for gas drilling, really got its boost with the hippie movement as a way to power camps,” Badkoobeh said. “It became powered even more by the marijuana industry in California.”

His curiosity evolved into a solution for the long-standing issue of solar power storage. Unlike other large stationary storage systems, Yotta’s solution is mounted behind the solar panel using the panel’s own ballast racking system to balance, saving space in often tight quarters such as commercial building rooftops.

Yotta uses lithium-iron-phosphate technology as a safe way to integrate storage, as there is no risk of a cascading thermal runaway.

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