Hurricane season has officially begun. Images from the aftermath of recent disasters with flooded areas, destroyed homes, and displaced families are still vivid in our minds. The strain on the affected communities seems endless. Disaster victims suffer. Often the disaster relief workers are also pushed to their very limits. There are doubtlessly many challenges to the recovery effort and increased humidity and high heat are two of them.

In fact, studies show that nearly 20% of total injuries reported in disaster relief are due to heat related injuries (over 40% in women).¹

This is often aggravated by the following factors:

  • Heat acclimation of workers
  • Power outages
  • Poor access to drinking water and shade
  • Extended working hours

As a guide, OSHA recommends 4 cups of water per hour, regular rest breaks in shaded areas with cool mist stations.²

Breezer Mobile Cooling is here to help. With our powerful cooling solutions we make even the most hostile temperatures more comfortable and safe for workers, volunteers and disaster victims alike.

Proud to be a partner with disaster recovery specialists and government agencies in their disaster recovery programs, Breezer Mobile Cooling delivers unique cooling solutions that are effective even outdoors or in partially covered spaces. With two different misting fans, the Power Breezer and the more compact O², our products cool gyms, tents, medical treatment areas, displacement centers, relief areas, food lines, staging sites, etc. Thanks to a high air flow setting, our fans can also be used to dry damaged and wet areas. They are mobile, hard-wearing, easy to set up and require no maintenance.

Protect your workers as they help rebuild communities and at the same time keep disaster victims safe from heat stress. Because everyone deserves to be cool.





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