Sol-up: Simplified and Phenomenal Installation

March 3, 2023

We meet Omar from Sol-up, who recently completed the installation of a 15k system. We dive into a discussion about their experience with the installation process and gain insights into the ease and efficiency of working with Sol-Ark.

Omar expresses his satisfaction with the installation, describing it as pretty easy and emphasizing their strong preference for Sol-Ark products. He highlights their exclusive use of Sol-Ark systems, showcasing their confidence in the brand and their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

While Omar acknowledges that the equipment can be on the heavier side, he appreciates the overall quality and simplicity of the Sol-Ark system. He praises the clearly labeled components and the comprehensive manual provided, especially when it comes to working with the batteries.

Beyond the installation, Omar commends the exceptional customer service they have received from Sol-Ark. He cites instances where they needed assistance with battery programming and dealing with off-grid systems lacking internet access. According to Omar, Sol-Ark has consistently provided excellent support, making them stand out in the market.

In terms of the commissioning process, Omar confirms that Sol-Ark’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) is user-friendly and easy to navigate. He highlights the importance of referring to specifications and relies on Sol-Ark to provide simplified battery solutions as part of their comprehensive package.

Overall, Omar declares Sol-Ark as the best and easiest-to-use system in the market. He appreciates the all-in-one nature of the system and emphasizes the remarkable customer service offered by the company.

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