Solar Energy Set To Power Wynn’s New “Paradise Park”

Solar Energy is getting a big boost in Nevada. Steve Wynn, a casino mogul out of Las Vegas, announced last week that a planned park development behind his strip hotels will be powered by renewable energy.

Dubbed “Paradise Park” the development will have a 47-story, 1,500-room hotel with an on-site convention space, as well as a casino and restaurants.

The Wynn Solar Facility, located about 400 miles northeast of Las Vegas, will power the project exclusively, and with enough energy to power over 5,000 residential homes. “The use of renewable energy is a significant part of the future management of our energy needs in all Wynn developments,” Winn says. “We welcome every opportunity to protect and enhance our environment, save money and serve our guests and employees.”

Under an agreement with Enel Green Power North America Inc., who owns and operates several renewable energy plants, Wynn will start receiving 75 percent of their existing resorts power until the park opens.

Gov. Brian Sandoval is behind the project, and touts the state’s leadership in renewable energy. “This is a meaningful step in Nevada’s energy future and I am grateful that these companies worked together to use the state’s renewable energy resources for the benefit of Nevada companies and our environment.”


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