Unleashing the Power of Reviews: Transforming the Energy Industry with Transparency and Consumer Confidence

October 14, 2021

In this episode of the Energy Unplugged podcast, Kimberly Lee, a strategic account executive with EnergySage, shares her insights on the importance of reviews in the energy industry. EnergySage is a leading online marketplace for rooftop solar, energy storage, and community solar, trusted by reputable organizations such as Environmental America, Connecticut GreenBank, Duke University, National Grid, and Staples. The discussion focuses on how reviews can significantly impact consumer confidence and the significance of transparency, choice, and quality when it comes to solar products and installers.

Kimberly explains how EnergySage empowers consumers by allowing them to request and compare competing quotes online, providing transparency and information about different solutions available in the industry. The platform offers resources like energy advisors who work directly with consumers to help them understand their options. Research and product reviews are emphasized as crucial factors in selecting solar storage systems for homes. Consumer surveys conducted by EnergySage reveal that over 60% of homeowners who go solar with Energy Sage installers prioritize product and installer quality over price.

The conversation highlights the growing interest in energy storage systems, driven by the desire for resiliency and control. Homeowners seek peace of mind and the ability to handle unforeseen circumstances, leading to an increased demand for storage solutions. The discussion also touches on the impact of the rising cost of shipping on the industry, including potential price increases and supply limitations. However, it is believed that these challenges will not be long-term, and different companies may choose to absorb the costs or communicate the limited supply as an educational opportunity for consumers.

Another significant aspect discussed is the potential for increased manufacturing in the USA. Consumers are increasingly willing to pay more for products labeled “made in the US,” emphasizing the importance of consistency in supply and ethical sourcing. The prospect of expanding manufacturing capabilities domestically is seen as an exciting opportunity that would address concerns related to supply chain dependencies and traceability of raw materials.

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