CE Pro has been tracking the “energy automation” category for a bit now, as it’s one whose potential appears very promising for custom integrators.

Troy Morgan, president and CEO of PanTech Design in Texas, has realized this firsthand, beginning with outfitting his own home for energy automation and bringing that experience and expertise to fellow integrator partners and customers via PanTech’s Adapt Energy platform.

In this week’s episode of the CE Pro Podcast, Morgan outlines how he got involved in the category, how Adapt Energy works and what it can do, resources for integrators to educate customers, and much more. He mentions that his home is often used to demonstrate the capabilities – so note that this interview was recorded in 2020 so when he refers to having plenty of end users tour the place “last year” he’s talking about 2019.

PanTech Design launched in 2005 with a primary focus on large-scale automation systems for residences, yachts and other applications using Crestron systems as a B2B solution for an integrator, Morgan explains.

That evolved over a decade into PanTech’s creating a software product called Adapt, which he says cut 80% of programming and configuration time.

Listen to the podcast here.