Why the California Power Grid is Hurting Businesses and Consumers


California electricity provider PG&E has cut power to millions of state residents in an unprecedented maneuver to avoid another wildfire disaster. The company’s preventative power outage may save lives, but it will take a toll on the state’s economy.

Some estimates claim the blackout could have an economic impact of more than $2 billion. Cuts planned for Monday could leave approximately 800,000 PG&E clients, which totals 2.7 million people, in the dark.

Small businesses are particularly affected by this blackout because they do not typically have the infrastructure or budget to accommodate such a stark fall in business over what could be more than one full business week.

On Business Casual, hosts Tyler Kern and Geoffrey Short discussed the impact of this power outage on the California economy, and what industries will have the hardest time working through it.

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