Built Modular: Digital Twin Modeling to Produce More Efficient, Cost-Effective Designs

April 6, 2021

Manufacturers around the world are searching for ways to lower costs, add efficiency and produce more consistent parts the first time – and digital twins might be the ideal solution.

The creation of a digital twin to a real-world part allows for effective digital twin modeling that empowers manufacturers to, in a virtual space, see how each process in the manufacturing chain will impact parts or how a part will perform in the physical world before a significant investment is made in producing that part at scale.

That process brings benefits to a variety of industries, including modular construction. On this episode of Built Modular from Vanguard, host Daniel Litwin invited Nathan Yorgey, President of North America Operations at CyberTwin, to share his insights and give listeners a better idea of exactly how digital twins are elevating the way the world approaches manufacturing.

“Sometimes, it’s almost scary how accurately artificial intelligence can predict what’s going to happen in the real world better than humans,” Yorgey said. “[Add virtual reality and augmented reality], and you now have an entire ecosphere of technology at your disposal to take the physical world, virtualize it, and then be able to run scenarios, run models, or, more importantly, just expose your connected sensor data on top of that virtual model for a host of use cases.”

In modular construction, digital twin modeling has been used to understand what finished spaces are going to look like, envision a part’s journey through the manufacturing process, and more.

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