Built Modular: MPA Modular Bank Buildings

August 13, 2022


Although natural disasters are not a daily occurrence for everyone, an event such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or fire is a situation that it’s important to be prepared for. MPA Systems modular construction by BOXX Modular is set up to quickly and efficiently provide secure buildings in the event of a disaster. Host Tyler Kern spoke with David Strong, Branch Manager at MPA Systems, about the unique use-case of their modular buildings during disaster recovery.

As a fifty-year-old company, MPA Systems has a plethora of experience in its pocket and now designs, builds, and delivers modular financial institutions, “…to lease, to sell, as well as our product offering in the disaster recovery environment,” said Strong.

MPA Systems focuses on building financial institutions which can be delivered and set up in less than 72 hours throughout the United States. Strong noted, “all financial institutions are required to have some sort of disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan.” While this can include an advertisement for another branch nearby, the financial institutions must offer an environment for their customers to continue to operate.

“What we offer for that is we have an annual program, similar to insurance, but they pay us an annual fee that in case they have a natural disaster…we get them a building with all the equipment up and running in less than 72 hours,” Strong explained.

These buildings are unconventional from typical modular frames. They are designed specifically with financial institutions in mind and often include a bullet-resistant teller window, a deal drawer, a night depository, and a receiving safe. All of which allow for walk-in and drive-through customers. Given the lack of functional utilities in disaster zones, MPA Systems also offers a power generator, computers, and satellite connectivity.

Strong emphasized, “So, it’s truly a deliver on-site plug and play.”

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