Constructing a Modular Building from Start to Finish

November 18, 2020

A potential Vanguard Modular customer may know they need a modular building but not what the process will entail.

When Vanguard constructs a modular building, it runs through these steps in the construction process: design and engineering, permitting, manufacturing, delivery, set, seam and utility connections, power up and turn on water, installation of decks, steps, ramps and other elements, the final punch list, and final occupancy.

Vanguard has a history of success not only in modular buildings, said Jody Werner, the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales, but also in guiding clients through those processes.

“You can have experience based on years, but you also have to experience based on knowing what the right things are to do through the process, the right steps to take, and communicating things to the customer to make sure there are no surprises,” Werner said. “The other thing is they want to know they’re entering into an agreement with a company that has the financial wherewithal to see the project through. That’s very important in today’s day and age.”

During all steps, communication is key, said Paul Lubertine, Director of Construction & Contract Services.

“I think one of the strengths Vanguard brings to the table is great communication throughout the process. Obviously on the front end, on the sales side, there’s lots of communication, but once it gets handed over to our ops team, that communication continues,” he said. “We want to keep our customers informed and let them know what they need to do.

“Communication is key through the process, and our teams are very experienced in delivering successful outcomes to projects.”

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