It takes multiple companies to make robot automation come to life in metal forming, fabricating, welding or finishing. At Fabtech 2019, Dan Allford  of Arc Specialties provided a picture of why collaboration and cooperation between companies in different segments of the industry is so important.

“People that come to this show typically come with a problem to solve,” Allford said. He went on to explain the role of a robot integrator in the process of creating a robot for a specific purpose.

“A robot integrator takes that robot arm and then adds the tooling, adds the software, and also adds the tooling to hold the part,” he said. “As you can see on this Fanuc robot, Fanuc built the robot, we added the seventh axis, we wrote the software. So we work very closely with our partners.”

Shows like Fabtech allow companies to stay up to date with what their partners have developed and find new ways to collaborate on putting these creations into practice.

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