Deconstruction with VCC: The Foundational Considerations of Good Field Safety Leadership

December 8, 2021


“We expect that someone can do the job they were hired to do, but we need to always get all workers up to speed on safety topics.”

In any project or initiative, those leading it set the tone. When expectations are unclear, or leadership doesn’t set them, failures can happen. And that’s not what anyone wants on a job site. Talking about good field safety leadership, Deconstruction with VCC host Tyler Kern spoke with the company’s Safety Director Scott Anders.

“Leadership needs to set expectations before any work even starts. Nothing is status quo because construction is inherently dangerous. Every conversation should include safety,” Anders shared.

Keeping safety top of mind requires communication, training, and reiteration. Without these things, safety may seem secondary to other aspects of the project. Unfortunately, that mindset can derail safety and cause failures in the field, which could have significant consequences.

For leaders managing projects, Anders counseled that safety has to remain a priority. “Leaders have to manage safety, production, and quality together. One cannot be put in front of another.”

Rhetoric on the job site should always include policies, procedures, and regulations. Besides verbal reminders, Anders also recommended investing in field safety training. “It should be a high priority. We expect that someone can do the job they were hired to do, but we need to always get all workers up to speed on safety topics.”

Such an investment in training isn’t just for the workers. Anders noted that leaders also need to refreshers on safety to continue to create a culture that places it at the forefront.

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