Sealed with Success: How LED UV Helped Victor Envelope Leave its Stamp on the Industry

September 11, 2023


W&D 628 press with Baldwin Technology’s LED UV positions the printer at the forefront of innovation

Victor Envelope Company’s story began in 1959 when Harlan Burgess recognized there was a dire need in the envelope industry for faster service.

Starting as a small broker in downtown Chicago, with an answering service that welcomed: “Victor Envelope Company”, the company has grown over the years to become a leading envelope manufacturer, offering a wide range of custom envelopes and packaging solutions.

Over the years, the company’s success involved strategic partnerships and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. One major turning point in Victor Envelope’s history was in 2001, when it became an early adopter of advanced technology when retrofitting its equipment.

“In 2001, we acquired our first SW folding machine. At that time, F.L. Smith proposed the installation of a gas dryer to ensure proper ink curing in our air-conditioned facility,” recalled Kent Gundlach, president of Victor Envelope. “This endeavor was akin to air-conditioning Lake Michigan, so a group of us embarked on researching and implementing UV technology.”

What’s more, this decision brought a myriad of profitable advantages, like energy savings, increased productivity, and sustainable solutions for Victor Envelope. In fact, the upgrade to UV reduced energy consumption by a staggering 73% and boosted press speed by 20%.

When Victor Envelope was looking to add a new envelope machine, it recognized the need for efficiency and sustainability, and turned to Baldwin Technology Co.’s LED UV technology.

Fast forward to today. Victor Envelope proudly utilizes one of the most advanced presses available on the market – the Winkler and Dünnebier (W&D) 628. This powerhouse machine boasts an open system and the proficiency to undertake any project. What’s more, its distinct capability to selectively deactivate LED zones within modules translates into significant energy savings when certain areas don’t necessitate printing. With a continued emphasis on personalization demands in the printing industry, Victor Envelope’s LED W&D system positions the printer at the forefront of innovation.

The Technical Training and Production Development Manager of Victor Envelope, Dariusz Kogut, highlighted the seamless LED system integration and the unparalleled support extended by Baldwin during the installation. Victor Envelope can now swiftly manage short-run custom projects, a feat attributed to the system’s versatility.

As a result of this partnership, Victor Envelope gained a competitive edge in the industry. The system can now print four-color process plus four different coatings in-line, offering enhanced customization possibilities for direct-market mail and packaging.

Mark Kruger, Regional Sales Manager for Baldwin Technology’s north central region, emphasized that this strategic transition was part of a broader industry movement, and therefore was essential to remaining competitive. Victor Envelope was at the forefront.

The Path to Industry Success

But how did Victor Envelope ascend to the top in the industry? Led by the visionary minds of Art Weingartner and Ernie Ambrostat, Victor Envelope ventured into the world of manufacturing in 1967. The company developed a latex machine that sparked its journey, serving other envelope manufacturers with its expertise. As demand grew, Victor expanded operations, acquiring used machinery and customizing it to its advantage.

By 1990, Victor Envelope moved to its current facility in Bensenville, Illinois.  Originally spanning 175,000 square feet, it expanded rapidly, now boasting 250,000 square feet. Its continued investments in machinery like litho presses, sheeters, UV systems, and the LED system displays the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation.

In essence, the collaboration between Victor Envelope, Baldwin Technology, and W&D has led to a harmonious integration of technology, creating a powerful press capable of tackling any project with precision and efficiency. In fact, to bring customers even more benefit, Baldwin and W&D recently united under the Barry Wehmiller Converting Solutions platform. This helps enrich the envelope printing landscape with a holistic solution from one consolidated organization.

Victor Envelope Company’s success story exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in the printing industry. It has embraced technology to set a new standard for efficiency and sustainability while exceeding in customer satisfaction, reinforcing its position as a leading envelope manufacturer in the United States.

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