How to Identify & Fix the Problem with Your Girdling Roots

May 30, 2023
Wes Rivers

In this enlightening clip from the field, Vice President of Operations for TreeNewal, Wes Rivers, dives into the often-overlooked issue and their significant impact on tree health. Through firsthand observations and expert insights, Wes sheds light on the hidden consequences of girdling roots and emphasizes the importance of early detection and proper tree care practices. Join us as we explore the risks and learn practical strategies to mitigate these issues.


In this tutorial from the field, Wes Rivers gives us a glimpse into the complexities and implications of girdling roots. Wes delves into key aspects, including:

  • Recognizing the presence and signs of girdling roots in trees.
  • Understanding the detrimental effects of this can have on the tree’s health, such as compromised circulation and increased vulnerability to wood-boring insects.
  • Exploring effective preventive measures and proper tree care techniques to mitigate the impact of this and foster healthy tree growth.

As Wes Rivers demonstrates, girdling roots quietly constrict a tree’s growth. This will gradually impair its overall health and resilience. By identifying and addressing these roots early on, we can intervene before severe damage occurs.

During This Clip

Wes showcases a prime example of an ash tree with a girdling root issue. By carefully removing soil around the base, the tightly encircling root becomes visible, causing significant stress to the tree. Wes explains that if left unaddressed, girdling roots can act like a tourniquet. It will impede the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. This compromised circulation renders the tree vulnerable to wood-boring insects and increases susceptibility to environmental stress.

To combat these issues, Wes emphasizes the importance of proactive tree care. By identifying and removing girdling roots at an early stage, trees can regain their vitality and develop in a healthy manner. This preventive approach promotes longevity and reduces the risks associated with girdling roots.

Interested In Our Tree Services?

If you suspect that roots issues may be impacting the health of your trees visit to schedule a consultation and ensure the well-being of your trees.

Don’t let root issues go unnoticed – take proactive steps today for a thriving tomorrow.

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