Industrial Filtration: A Make-or-Break Process for Efficiency

November 28, 2022
Sonia Gossai

Filtration purifies air and liquids by adding a barrier layer between the air and liquid. An example of this process in the home setting is using a filtration system to purify water. While this process may not seem “glamorous” to most in the home setting, it plays a critical role in industrial businesses and can make or break efficiency and operations.

So, what makes filtration such a big deal for industrial businesses?

On today’s episode of Relevant Solutions, Host Gabrielle Bejarano speaks with Ashley Goodenough, Filtration Project Manager at Relevant Solutions, to discuss filtration trends in the industrial sector.

Bejarano and Goodenough also discussed…

1. How filtration can enhance industrial processes

2. Ways companies can become more sustainable and environment-friendly

3. Goodenough’s background and how she has been able to apply it in the industrial filtration industry successfully

Goodenough explained that, like filtration in the home, it is not always necessary in industrial applications, but it can improve processes and efficiency. She explained, “Can you get by without changing it or adding a filter? Probably, but is your process going to be as good as your end product going to be as good? Say you’re in the food and beverage. If you’re not filtering out those contaminants, your food isn’t going to last as long on the shelves. And so, while it may seem really tedious to have to do it or not the most critical point of your process, it is still really important for the end user or the end good.”

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