Live from FABTECH 2023: Stories From the Field with LestaUSA’s Brad Ruppert

October 2, 2023


Live from FABTECH 2023; there were plenty of stories to share from the world of automation, robotics, and finishing.

In the bustling and competitive world of manufacturing, innovation is the name of the game. The rapid embracement of automation technologies is a testament to the industry’s relentless pursuit of efficiency and quality. A study by McKinsey suggests that the potential of Industry 4.0 technologies ranges between $1.2 to $3.7 trillion. Among these technologies, robotic automation stands out, offering a solution to labor shortages and ensuring consistent quality while reducing operational costs.

How can companies seamlessly transition to automated processes, ensuring the acquired technology is leveraged to its full potential while the workforce adapts to this paradigm shift?

In this insightful episode of Manufacturing a Stronger Standard, presented by LestaUSA and taped live from FABTECH 2023, host Derek DeGeest, President of the DeGeest Corporation, engages Brad Ruppert, the Director of Operations for Automation at DeGeest Corporation, in a riveting discussion revolving around the integration of robotic automation in the finishing industry.

Key takeaways from the episode include:

  • The remarkable growth of robotic automation in the industry emphasizing the shift from initial skepticism to widespread acceptance and the consequential competitive rush toward adoption
  • The unique approach of DeGeest Corporation in not just providing robotic arms but offering a comprehensive solution that encompasses understanding the specific needs of each client and tailoring the automation process accordingly
  • How DeGeest’s self-learning robots, coupled with a team of dedicated specialists, facilitate a smoother transition to automation, ensuring that the system adapts to varying conditions and delivers consistent quality over time

Brad Ruppert has a rich background, having grown up in a farm-based auto body shop where painting was part of everyday life. With an engineering background, he fused his foundational painting skills to carve a niche in project management within the industrial equipment sector, mainly focusing on paint systems. His journey led him to the DeGeest team, where he got his first taste of LestaUSA robots. Rupert’s ingenuity and hands-on experience have been instrumental in tailoring robotic solutions to meet the distinct needs of each manufacturing setup, thereby significantly reducing downtimes during system installations and ensuring optimal performance after that.

This episode provides a granular look into the transformative power of robotic automation, shedding light on how a holistic approach to automation can propel manufacturing entities to new heights of efficiency and competitiveness. Each conversation is a narrative that underscores the compelling reality of modern-day manufacturing – intertwining human expertise with robotic precision to foster a stronger standard of operational excellence.

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