RIG-A-LITE’s LED Lighting Solutions are a Game-Changer for Industrial Safety

February 8, 2024


In an era where industrial safety and energy efficiency are paramount, RIG-A-LITE, a subsidiary of Avail Infrastructure Solutions, stands out as a beacon of innovation in the British Columbia, Canada region. Specializing in LED lighting solutions for hazardous locations, RIGA-LITE addresses the critical needs of industries operating under challenging conditions.

This video presents an in-depth look at RIG-A-LITE’s extensive product lineup, ranging from marine LFL LED floodlights perfect for wet conditions to the specialized HZALJ LED and explosion-proof LED area lighting. These offerings cater to a variety of hazardous settings, including mining operations and wastewater treatment facilities. It emphasizes RIGA-LITE’s adherence to the highest safety standards, such as Class I, Division II | Class III | DLC for wet locations, and further stringent classifications for explosive environments like Class I Division I and II, Class II Division I and II, and Class III, in line with IEC and ATEX regulations. Situated at 512 Montroyal Blvd, North Vancouver, BC, RIGA-LITE encourages potential customers to discover their LED lighting solutions in person. For additional details or to arrange a visit, reach out to Dave Lewis. the Principal of Specification Sales at Inter-Lite Sales at 604-942-2232 or visit www.inter-lite.com.

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