Understanding the Role of Tree Education in Tree Preservation

May 9, 2023

On this installment of Building Roots by TreeNewal, host Wes Rivers sits down with newly elected Councilman Ron Schmidt from the town of Argyle to talk about tree education and sustainability in the community. Argyle has created a tree committee, revised ordinances, and implemented Arbor Day to emphasize the importance of trees. They also incentivize developers to protect trees and require a two-year preservation period for newly planted and existing trees. Education is key to successful tree care and appreciation, and TreeNewal is happy to partner with the town of Argyle in this endeavor.

Ron shared that before 2017, the town of Argyle did not have much information or emphasis on protecting their tree canopy.

However, they created an ad hoc committee to focus on trees’ importance in the town’s ecosystem. This led to revising some ordinances that provide legal backing for considering trees as a valuable resource in the town.

Since then, Argyle has been identified as Tree City USA and has implemented Arbor Day events where residents can receive trees. The education component is crucial as residents need guidance on how to plant and take care of their new additions properly. Tree education is essential for promoting sustainable practices across municipalities and organizations. Small communities like Argyle rely heavily on third-party arborists like TreeNewal for such education because they do not have resident arborists due to budget constraints. Master gardeners volunteering also come in handy when educating citizens about planting trees. Educating citizens goes beyond just planting; it involves understanding the true value of having trees in one’s environment.

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